Hiking & biking

Up close with nature

The fascinating mountain landscape around your Alpine retreat at Apartmenthaus Almhittn is full of secrets and wonderful natural spectacles! With your mountain boots securely laced and tied, you can climb up the most beautiful summits and immerse yourself in the magic of the mountains.   

Zillertal Alps Nature Park

Have you noticed yet? The tranquil Alpine world around the Almhittn apartments houses a rich variety of plant and animal species. This is because your accommodations are located right at the foothills of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park. This nature preserve has served as a refuge for rare Alpine animal and plant species and encompasses a high Alpine landscape that leads up to the rushing waterfalls, crystal-clear cirque lakes, and majestic glaciers.  

Penken Action Mountain and Ahorn Leisure Mountain 

For all those who prefer to make the climb uphill a little easier and save their energy to explore the world beyond the tree line, we recommend taking one of the summer lifts to the starting point of your mountain tour. Awaiting you at the summit stations of both Mayrhofen mountains is magnificent alpine scenery nestled in a world of adventure for the whole family. The reservoirs provide an opportunity for refreshing swims and excellent theme trails, via ferrata routes, imaginative children's playgrounds, and fun sports stations provide exciting and unforgettable moments in the allergy-free, high-altitude air!  

Biking at the Almhittn

Comfortably with environmentally-friendly e-bike power or with the strength of your own muscles, you can experience the most beautiful natural jewels and places of power in the region from the seat of your bike!

Families and leisurely cyclists 

You only need to walk your bike uphill a few meters then pedal a few feet and you will reach the family-friendly Zillertal Bike Path, which leads to the entrance of the Zillertal with a barely noticeable incline. Along this route, you can explore the wonderful towns in the valley as well as the outdoor pools and cafes. If you happen to use up all your energy or run out of battery, you can return to Mayrhofen on the Zillertalbahn railway.   

Mountain biking

After riding up the mountain on 1 of the 8 summer lifts in the Zillertal, you can discover new trails and a new kind of biking sport with your full suspension bike on racing single trails and downhill routes. For all classic mountain bikers, there are 5 wonderful mountain bike routes on the Penken Action Mountain. Experience moments of freedom full of speed and biking fun on idyllic forest roads and trails!